A language connects people

Arabic language Courses

Individual and group classes (maximum 4 participants)


  • Modern Standard Arabic for adults (MSA)
  • Modern Standard Arabic for children (MSA) 
  • Egyptian Arabic conversation  for adults (Cairo dialect)
  • Egyptian Arabic reading and writing for adults (Cairo dialect)
  • Egyptian Arabic reading & writing for children (Cairo dialect)

Arabic Writing Workshops (with 4-15 participants)


  • Arabic writing
  • Arabic calligraphy

Culture & People


Nothing feels worse than walking into a culture not knowing what to expect.  What should you take when invited over for dinner?  Should you take a home-baked cake or a bunch of flowers? Do you attend a wedding party on time or can be a bit late? Do you use your hands eating or not?  To answer these questions and to make sure your transition into Egypt, and other neighbouring countries is smooth, I have decided to offer Culture & People courses.

Joining these courses you will learn the ins and outs of Egyptian (and Arabic) culture, and you will learn basic words that will help you break the ice when you meet people for the first time.