A language connects people


You can join my classes of Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian dialect in either location: 

1- Amsterdam ( Hoofddorpplein area)

2- Amstelveen (Westwijk)

New classes start January 2019

Working on individual basis; but you can also come in small groups with a maximum of four participants. 

Monday        11:00-12:30 reserved until end May 2019

Monday        13:30-15:00 available 

Monday        17:00-18:30 reserved until end May 2019

Monday        20:15- 21:45 reserved until end April 2019 

Tuesday        11:00--12:30 reserved until end May 2019

Tuesday        13:00-14:30 available

Tuesday        17:00-18:30 reserved until end June 2019

Wednesday   10:00-11:30 available

Wednesday   16:00-17:00 reserved until end May 2019

Wednesday  18:30- 22:00 reserved until end April 2019

Thursday 10:00- 11:30 reserved until end of May 2019

Friday           10:00-11:30 reserved until end April 2019

As of 21/01/2019 giving classes at Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam

Monday evening Modern Standard Arabic advanced level

Wednesday evening Modern Standard Arabic for beginners

Wednesday evening Egyptian dialect for beginners

check their website for more info!

Stay tuned for the workshops schedule